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"I did not come here to Heal you.
I came here to Love you.
Love will Heal you."

- unknown author


It is an often a misunderstood concept, that a Spiritual Journey is a path that
is designed to bring us out from a “bad space” and to find a way to a “good space” in life or to “so-called” Enlightenment. Something that is external from ourselves…

Actually, what is rather the case,
is that we already have the Divine or Enlightened state within us, but we
have lost our connection and access to it.

A deep traumatic experience in our life or the conditioning and expectations of our society, family, culture or religion has prevented us from living who we truly are. 

We grow up learning about Shame and Sin, and so often has fear and shaming been used as power tools to make us suppress our authentic emotions.

Yes, we all carry something.

Maybe I need not even mention, that sex and our sexual desires and energies have been the main victim of this “political correctness” and sacrificed for control and power games. That is by far the main part in the Shamanistic (*) traditions as a primary focus on the release and activation on our sexual energy, which is indeed the Main Core Source of our Creative Being.


Liberty, Freedom, Air, Woman, Shameless

* "Shamanistic traditions” in our modern world is often a description of the best practice from numerous ancient Spiritual schools, traditions or philosophies.
It is therefore meant as a holistic phrase to describe a new approach to our Journey

"Grow Roots to Fly... "

Being a rather contemporary person myself, I prefer the expressions Mature and Healthy instead of words like Divine and Enlightened…. But that just me.

The offerings, I present here, from me to you, is a new beginning or a first step, to tear down these walls and blockages - allowing you to reach your fullest potential and to move from Contractions to Expansion.

With Love


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