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For Couples

Do you seek a deeper connection in your relationship?
Do you want to find or reclaim your Eros with your partner?
Do you want to learn to give each other a Tantra Massage?

Learn the tools of emotional release and create your own Sensual Space.


In the section below, I speak to you who are in any form of a committed relationship.
However you two define it.
Married or not, Monogamous, Polyamour, Open Relating, Exclusive, with or without Agreements,
You identify yourself to be in a couple or relationship.

 I do not separate between a straight or gay relationship.

So let's work together...

To be in a couple can be so rich, deep and yet so complex that the risks of miscommunications, fears and influences are very real dangers of leading us into an unhealthy space, even with the best intentions.

I do not act as a relationship or marriage counselor nor any form of therapist, so here I wish to invite you to read the relevant sections For Men or For Women.
I merely act as a guide to open channels, unblock constrictions and conquer fears, that may prevent us from truly connecting with Heart, Mind and Sex.

Coming in as a couple may be a wonderful experience, but please also be mindful that the work of the individual is vital.


Again I say… We are unique Beings with unique Abilities. But here we want to merge the best parts together with another human being….. Can we do so maturely and healthily?

A couple, consist of two (or more) individuals, so your personal journey is key to your ability and desire to be or stay connected within your couple.
Therefore, couple sessions may take form of individual sessions before we bring you together in joint sessions.

If you feel something needs to shift or change in your relationship and how you relate to each other, then this work with me may be exactly what you need.

Maybe you feel blocked or contracted somehow?
Is your sexual energy and flow at its peak?
How is the flow in your relationship or lack thereof?
Do you support and elevate each other or tear each other down?

Do you want to bring back the spark in your relationship or maybe it already is juicy and you wish to take it deeper?

The Session...

If you read this and you think maybe this is something for you, then I suggest this to you:

- After you read My Offerings once, read it again but now disconnect the Mind and listen in with your Belly.

How does it feel?

Maybe a little tingle? Or a contraction? A resistance?
Or maybe a strong “Hell, Yes”?

These little signals are the Language of the Body and an opportunity to Listen, engage and break some Limitations…
The beautiful thing with the Language of the Body is, in contrast to the Mind, it Never Lies. That’s why it is scary sometimes….

Every session is unique and different, crafted to meet your individual requirements. We will begin with a conversation about intentions and boundaries.


  • What would you like to experience together?

  • Is there any part of your body that calls for special attention—or that you don’t want to be touched?

  • You can always decide what level of intimacy you want to be in, and you can always change your mind. There is nothing you need to do. As the receiver, you are in full control of your experience.

Then, we will create together a Sacred Space for the session to unfold. This may involve energetic preparations, invocations, and other forms or ritual.

We will then move into the hands-on part.
This part consists of a unique combination of techniques such as Breath work, Conscious Touch, Sacred Spot Ritual…

And yet, beyond all techniques, what matters is that you will be held, seen and supported with unwavering love and presence.

Once the session is over, you will have some quiet time to integrate the experience. If you need extra support, all my sessions include a free follow-up call 24/48hs after.

The typical duration of a session is 2 to 3 hours.

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