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"John’s lived experience makes him a master of his craft, and his unwavering presence allows me to dive deeply into myself. Each session brings greater self knowledge - something I’ve never experienced with any other therapy".
- Female, 49

"I had a beautiful session with John.
Already in the talk before, I felt so comfortable expressing my needs and desires.
He helped me expand my horizons on the possibilities that existed outside of my « go to » zone and that in itself was already powerful, it made me realize some of my limiting beliefs.
Then, when he was hands on, he really was attuned to my body, and actually flowed and adapted with my limitations and emotions.
Long after the session, my body and mind were still downloading from the session. It was powerful.
- Female seeker

"My sessions with John took me to places that I had been afraid of visiting in completely unexpected ways, gentle and highly empathetic but firm - in one word, reassuring!

He had an intuitive sense of where to go and how to get there, and an obvious enthusiasm for getting me to connect with emotions I was running away from."

 - Male, 47

"My tantric experience has been a journey towards self discovery, enlightenment, and embracing the fullness of my femininity through learning forgiveness of self, unblocking insecurities, and breaking self-imposed barriers.

John is a great person to confide in, I found that his non-coercive approach, empathetic skills and objectivity make him an excellent Tantric Facilitator."

- Female, 48, African heritage

"The de-armoring session I received from John let me open blockages.
I'm impressed about the result in such a short time. Physical changes happened in my body and emotional healing arrived in the days following the treatment. 
A very deep work integrating heart, body and sexual energy.
I felt supported, safe and accepted with kindness and without judgement.
I'm really grateful for this experience and I recommend him".
- Female, 46

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