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For Women

In the section below, I speak to you who identify yourself as a Woman... A woman, just like you.

A normal woman, single or in committed relationship and who spends the better part of her day working or maybe takes care of home and family and who feels that something needs to change.

Your lifestyle, sexuality, age, race or culture is part of who you are and what has shaped you, but just maybe exactly that does not serve you anymore, and may be the biggest part of what may hold you back.

We are unique Beings with unique Abilities.

Do you access them fully?


What separates the women's from the men’s work, is that women traditionally have a deeper and richer access to their emotional body (what we call the Feminine side) but, as a result of cultural or religious conditioning, are also the ones having to make serious compromises from their true Self.
Often the result of the Patriarchal society we live in.

If you feel something needs to shift or change in your life, then this work with me may be exactly what you need.

Maybe you feel blocked or contracted somehow?
Is your sexual energy and flow at its peak?

How is the flow in your relationship or lack thereof?

Do you want to feel alive and juicy again?
Or juicier than you already are?

If you read this and you think maybe this is something for you, then I suggest this to you:

- After you read My Offerings once, read it again but now disconnect the Mind and listen in with your Belly.

How does it feel?

Maybe a little tingle? Or a contraction?
A resistance? Or maybe a strong “Hell, Yes”?

These little signals are the Language of the Body and an opportunity to Listen, engage and break some Limitations…. The beautiful thing with the Language of the Body is, in contrast to the Mind, it Never Lies. That’s why it is scary sometimes….



You are free.⁠

Remember, remember.⁠

Your heart, body, mind, soul, your true nature are calling you home. ⁠


The Session...

Every session is unique and different, crafted to meet your individual requirements.

We will begin with a conversation about intentions and boundaries.


  • What would you like to experience?

  • Is there any part of your body that calls for special attention—or that you don’t want to be touched?

  • You can always decide what level of intimacy you want to be in, and you can always change your mind. There is nothing you need to do. As the receiver, you are in full control of your experience.

Then, we will create together a Sacred Space for the session to unfold.
This may involve energetic preparations, invocations, and other forms or ritual.

We will then move into the hands-on part. This part consists of a unique combination of techniques such as Breath Work, Conscious Touch, Sacred Spot Ritual…

And yet, beyond all techniques, what matters is that you will be held, seen and supported with unwavering love and presence.
Once the session is over, you will have some quiet time to integrate the experience.

If you need extra support, I usually follow up within a few days with a message or call and available for your questions.

The typical duration of a session is 2 to 3 hours.

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