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De-Armouring & Emotional Release

What is De-Armouring?

De-armouring is an ancient technique practiced by indigenous people all around the globe, the purpose is to improve life quality, sensitivity, to assist release of emotional blockages and trauma. It can be practiced in various forms and its aim is to support life changing experiences. Its more than pressing points, it’s a commitment to life, to show up in life, to break unhealthy patterns, heal those parts that need healing to live in alignment with purpose and love.

As we grow up and encounter different hardships or even traumas in life, our body protects itself by creating a protection or "Armour". A heighten nerve system, a contracted muscle, a preparation for the "Fight, Flight or Freeze" response.
As such, an Armour is not a bad thing. It helps to protect us.
However, once the "danger" has passed, many of us are poorly equipt to give up and release the Armour.
So we may carry these unreleased Energies for many years, until one day it manifests itself as a pain or an over-sensitive response/nerve system.

Body de-armouring can be done externally, internally, or through conversation and talk-therapy.
External de-armouring works on the outside of the body while internal de-armouring works on the parts of the body we can enter: the yoni (vagina), the anus and the throat. Conversation-based de-armouring, on the other hand, uses coaching and talk-therapy to probe, touch and help you express your "pain body" through words and sounds, without touching your body at all.

It is important to de-armour the whole body in its entirety, as the armour, or emotional blockages, are spread throughout the body. To do this may take months of self-practice in combination with regular treatments. However, even one session will make a huge difference in helping you move forward in your life.


Does your body feel like this?

Emotional Release Work

As human beings, we feel and sometimes we are overwhelmed by what we, or our loved ones, feel.

We don't know what to do when big emotions arise.

We have developed numerous strategies to by-pass what we feel, we either go into denial and give it to our body to deal with, we indulge in victim-hood or we become aggressive.  

The result is an under-exercised emotional body, suppressed from years of being ignored, denied and judged. It becomes increasingly challenging to manifest our desires maturely.

Part of the path of spiritual sexual shamanism is to appreciate and integrate the full spectrum of the emotional body. As we move into increased understanding and embodied experience of the power and vitality of our emotions, we start to receive the wisdom and guidance that comes with them. In other words, our ability to feel is actually a gift of the human condition and brings us insights and the courage to stand up against boundary violations. So, an emotion (like rage) is really an ally and a vital source of energy. What we want to learn is to appreciate all of our emotions, respond to them healthily and not to suppress them.

For many of us just talking about or analyzing emotions does not help. The mind may offer us a form of forgiveness, acceptance, even peace, the emotional and physical bodies, however, move at slower cycles and require different practices to come back into alignment.

What other practices are there?

How can we learn to hold all intense emotional states with full presence and access their underlying dynamic power to use for creative endeavours?

In these session I will introduce specific tools which include the use of breath, sound and movement. 

I will guide you through moving and releasing your emotions with integrity.


In our safe space you are allowed to be wild, to express, release and free yourself from past wounds, understanding how to direct your life-force energy towards your empowerment

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