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My Journey

What is Love?

Before I present myself below, I wish to ask this question.

I have observed in my own "love" life, that this WORD, is so often the cause of emotional hardship. Why? Because we all think we know what it means, and therefore we all share the meaning. Alas, that's not the case. Everyone has a different interpretation or feeling about Love and yet, we do not communicate with our partner(s) what it actually means to us. I recommend we start doing that....

The word Love is, for me, is somewhat of a provocation.

I find it having become corrupted and lost its Magic.
We use it for everything and to describe our feelings for materialistic possessions.

How can we know when true Love is present?

Love as 3 “truths” attached to it. 

When these are fore filled, authentic Love is present.

1) Love is Unconditional 

– meaning it's not tradeable and negotiable. 

2) Love is Limitless

– meaning we don’t have a limited amount available to us which we need to hand out sparsely and only to selected people. It is abundant and the more we give, the more we receive.

3) Love follows no rules. 

– No, no rules. It appears when we least expect it. Sometimes we call it chemistry between people of Soul Mates.... It's a Feeling our intellectual mind struggles to understand and analyze.
So question is… do you allow it in?

Who are you?            Who are you?            Who are you?

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Is it not remarkable, that when people ask who we ARE, we often answer with what we DO?

My story is told in hindsight. Looking back…. Who knew what twists and turns it would take.

Growing up, I have always been a highly sexual charged young man. 
Hormones flying all over the place and, damn, I sometimes couldn’t bring my cock down.

Like most of us, I experienced my share of broken hearts, insecurities and
sexual awkwardness.
Oh Girls… How I adored and loved you… (ops, there is that word again).

However, I want to start the story after my education in my early 20’s.

I went to sea. Having spent some time on Tall Ships and the Navy, I took a Merchant Maritime education and became a Navigator.
I spent a good 10 years working on ships, traveling the world.

Maybe you can imagine how it is, for a straight guy, in his sexual power, to be on a ship with 25 other guys, for 4 to 6 months at the time.

Not even to speak of trying to have a normal relationship when being away half of the year.

Long story short, in 2007 I arrived in Geneva for a job offer and a year later
my last “normal” relationship ended.

So there I was… a grown man, in my prime, decent income and total Freedom and with the confidence and personal power 10 years at sea will teach you.….
Yes, I went ballistic. (diplomatically speaking) and enjoyed myself as much as I could.

I admit, not all meetings were of the conscious kind.

Then I met a woman, with a peculiar kinky request, and together I was introduced into the Libertine Lifestyle.

There I met and observed couples and groups dynamics in deep long-lasting relationships, who saw their sexual pleasures as Gifts to each other and with each other.

Who understood that “Love” cannot and should not suffer by accepting our partners’ sexual happiness.

I learned a new word:

And one day, a few years later, the Universe presented me the next step….

A couple I knew from the Lifestyle recommended

ISTA – International School of Temple Arts.

I learned about Feminine & Masculine Energies, the Animal & Spirit, Consciousness and Consent, Mature vs Juvenile energies. Kundalini and Chakras and so much more….

I took all 3 levels in ISTA and also followed
Wild Tantra in Holland and gradually started to feel the shift in me that from being the Receiver of this Embodied Wisdom, to answer the call and become a Transmitter and Educator.

I followed up with ISTA Practitioner Training and
De-Armouring Training to gain the necessary skills, and today, this web site and my offering to you here is the
fulfillment if this Journey….. so far.

I hope you feel the call to join me.

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