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How does this work in practice?

Before we make an appointment for a full session, I would like to meet you and invite you for a cup of tea and a chat. This serves to see if we are suitable for each other and feel safe to work together.
I invite you to think about your Intentions and desires, your commitment and what you want to achieve.
Maybe you just wish to talk and ask about Tantra, Sexuality and Healing in this field?

Every session is unique and crafted to meet your individual requirements. It is about learning, about re-patterning. In my sessions I practice one-way touch.

So, it is clearly NOT a sexual service.

Other types of interactions will be by a clear agreement and always in consent.
We will begin with a conversation about intentions and boundaries.


  • What would you like to experience? What is your intention?

  • Is there any part of your body that calls for special attention or where you don’t want to be touched?

  • You can always decide what level of intimacy you want to be in, and you can always change your mind. There is nothing you need to do. As the receiver, you are in full control of your experience.

Next, we will create together a safe, sacred space for the session to unfold. This may involve energetic preparations, invocations, and other forms or ritual. We will then move into the bodywork part. This part consists of a unique combination of modalities and body-based teachings including Tantric/Shamanistic practices, Sacred Spot Ritual,
De-armouring, energetic and physical bodywork, massage, breath work, movement, body awareness, sensory focus or  pleasure mapping.
But also coaching in embodied consent, boundary-setting, communication, sometimes even some anatomy.

… And yet, beyond all techniques, what matters is that you will be held, seen and supported with unwavering love and presence.

When diving deep, strong emotions may arise and be released. You are invited to allow this to happen and become familiar with them.
You will have some quiet time to integrate the experience. If you wish to share your experience, you can do this in our final conversation which is followed by a closing ritual.

What Can I Achieve?

  • Improve your sex life and keep it exciting as a long-term couple

  • Deepen intimacy

  • Learn to give and receive more pleasure

  • Own and communicate your desires, fears and boundaries

  • ​Strengthen your ability to set boundaries and say a clear “no” and a clear 'yes'

  • Reconnect to your emotional body

  • Release stored emotions, move their energy

  • Open your heart center

  • Heal physical and energetic trauma

  • Release shame, inhibitions, and fears around your sexual power

  • Unlock your capacity to express your emotions with the voice

  • Activate your life energy (Kundalini)

  • Deal with numbness in the genital area

  • Expand your capacity for (self-) pleasure & learn to integrate it into your daily life

  • Heal painful spots in your Yoni (vagina) ('vaginal de-armouring')

  • Discover your G-Spot, A-Spot and Cervix (pleasure mapping!)

  • Experience 'Amrita'(female ejaculation)

  • Discover anal pleasure

  • Explore your prostate (male sacred sport)

  • 'De-armour' your lingam (penis)

  • Experiencing deeper forms of orgasm

  • Become multi-orgasmic

  • Sexual, emotional and spiritual well-being

  • Unwavering self-acceptance

  • Experience the full expression of your authentic self:  feel whole, feel alive!

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