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Exploring the Big O

As described in other sections, I like to work with “Intentions”
– Your Intentions for seeking me out and what experiences you seek.

The experience here is thus built around the “Intention” of exploring the Orgasm.
This serves to bring clarity to your journey and helps creating a Safe Space.

If you choose to engage in this Offering the Intention is set for us.
Together we explore the Orgasm.
Maybe it has been lost for you, maybe it is illusive or “not a big deal”.
Maybe you know your clitoral orgasm well but want to explore other erogenous zones of pleasure.
After all, a woman has the potential of 8 or 9 different kinds of Orgasms.

There is of course the chance that you are already in that juicy space and seek to go deeper, refine it and prolong the sensation….

There is really no one single way to approach and experience the “ultimate” Orgasm, but what is quite common is that with our mind and willpower we manipulate the body into giving us that pleasure feeling…. Sometimes simply for stress relief.

What if, instead of letting our mind decide, we allow our Body to speak to us and be in charge for a while.
To surrender and go into Arousal the way our Body naturally wants to.

It is therefore important that, when you come for a session, you bring in your Willingness to "go there".
Feel into yourself that there is a big authentic YES present.
There is nothing you got to do or achieve, no performance or agenda.... just you being Willing.

In this offering, we may introduce some toys and may use amongst others the Magic Wand.
As always, within the space of your Consent and Boundaries.
You will be fully in charge of your experience.

If this feels attractive to you or you have questions, feel free to contact me.
Before any sessions I usually like to invite you for a cup of tea and a chat.

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