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•When the Clitoris is aroused it becomes erect. (Yes, like the penis).

•In response the vagina lubricates and expands, as the cervix and uterus retract up. This creates room for penetration.

•The vagina is 2-4 inches deep without arousal. With full arousal its 4-8 inches deep and flexible beyond that.

•The vagina tents in response to arousal. This means the walls expand out, all on their own, in preparation for penetration. Its called tenting because the deeper walls expand the most. It looks like a tent.

•Without proper arousal the body is NOT prepared for penetration and penetration is often painful or in-pleasurable. The vagina isn't a fixed hole. It functions differently with arousal. It changes drastically in preparation for penetration.

•Just like most men wouldn't be physically prepared for sex without an erection, women also need to have an erection (engorged clit) for their bodies to be prepared. You just cant see it the same way. Labia will become puffy and some girls do have a palpable boner. The clit will hug and massage the vagina.

• If your vagina is not wet then that's often a sign YOUR BODY IS NOT READY. Its so common for women to be pushed (or push themselves) toward sex before they are ready, and now you can just throw a little lube in to force the issue. Listen to your body and stop over riding it. False lubricant is great for anal and post menopause, otherwise use it consciously and check in with your body.

•There are instances where the clitoris is not properly functioning or has begun to atrophy from lack of blood flow or hormone changes. In this case you may not be getting very wet or feeling intense pleasure. Self pleasure more! Get that blood flowing to feed the tissues. Its literally a use it or lose it scenario. Your clitoris needs stimulation to thrive. If thats not helping see your doctor. There are easy localized treatments that can support you.

• The vagina on its own has insufficient nerve endings for sexual stimulation and orgasm. The nerve endings it does have are concentration at the entrance of the vagina. 90% of the nerve ending are at entrance (up to an inch or so in). However the vagina does not function as a stand alone entity. It innervates the clitoris.

• This brings us back to the Clitoris ! Which has as much erectile tissue as a penis and double the nerve endings. The clitoral tissue and nerve network extends considerably into the vulva and vagina. Its magical.


Embrace Cliteracy.

-Your friendly neighborhood sex educator

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