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The Story By: Jonti Searll

The Story One of the biggest blockages to experiencing and exploring the world of erotic massage is the story. The story is deeply ingrained and impacts on women more

than men. It's a story that reflects the fullness of the story of sexuality and pleasure. The story is in the past. It's rooted in judgement, inhibition, guilt and shame. It's religious, it's political and it keeps us disconnected from the possibilities of pleasure. It keeps us trapped in a system that represses sexuality and pleasure. You see, in pleasure is freedom, in pleasure is possibility. In pleasure is choice. In pleasure is creation. And in pleasure is power. Sacred Erotic Massage is the field of possibility. It takes us beyond the story, beyond the restrictions, beyond the limitations and beyond the inhibitions to a place of beauty. Our beauty. The beauty of our bodies, the beauty of our genitals, the beauty of our feelings, the beauty of our sensations. And the beauty of our eroticism. Our eroticism is our vitality, our life-force, body, heart and soul. It shows us how beautiful pleasure is because of how beautiful it makes us feel. It's beautiful because it takes us out of the story. The story says that we can only have pleasure in a specific context, in a specific circumstance, in a specific way, mostly with a specific person. The story says that if you receive pleasure, you have to reciprocate it. The story says that you can only have orgasms in a specific way. The story says that when you go beyond the created limitations of pleasure you are judged. The story says that if you have pleasure, Intimacy, connection with someone it has to have 'meaning'. The story says that pleasure comes with expectations. And so much more. When we allow ourselves entry to the world of erotic massage we begin to create a new story. Our story. The way we would like the story to be. We create a story of adventure and exploration. We create a story of frontiers of sensation and feeling being expanded. We create a story with an endless horizon of possibilities. We create our story. And for every one of us who write a few lines of our story of pleasure, we make it possible for everyone else to do the same. This touch, this sacred erotic touch, honours your body, all of your body. For the story of the past leaves elements of us out. It leaves them separate from us, disconnected, apart. Without all of our body being considered and included we can never be whole. When so many of us step onto a healing path we leave these out. Yoni, Lingam, Breasts, Anus. The story of the past has made them ugly, the story of the past has made them dirty. The honoring touch welcomes them home, pleasure reclaims them. And we become whole. From this space we can expand. We can expand our minds, our hearts, our energy, our sensations, our feelings, our presence. Just as Tantra Yoga is a practice that extends beyond the mat, erotic pleasure extends beyond the massage experience. It extends into all of life. It is the energy of possibility. 0 Comments

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